Tamrac Sponsored Photographer Andrew D. Bernstein Q&A

Andrew D. Bernstein portrait

Andrew D. Bernstein

Since 1983, Andrew D. Bernstein has photographed and developed a unique personal rapport with the world’s leading professional athletes. Bernstein’s work frequently appears in magazines such as Sports Illustrated, ESPN, The Sporting News, Time, Newsweek and more. As the Senior NBA Photographer, Andrew has covered every NBA Finals and all major NBA events since 1982, as well as coverage of the 1992, 1996, 2000, 2008 and 2012 United States Olympic basketball teams.

As the LA Lakers, LA Clippers, and LA Kings veteran team photographer, this year Mr. Bernstein captured his 30th year of NBA playoffs, including every Lakers playoff series that Kobe Bryant has played in, and his 18th year of L.A. Kings playoffs, which culminated in their first Stanley Cup championship. Additional work on behalf of the Lakers includes Bernstein’s book documentary with former Lakers’ Head Coach Phil Jackson Journey to the Ring: Behind the Scenes with the 2010 NBA Champions.

Accolades for Mr. Bernstein include that he is among only four photographers whose work was selected for permanent exhibit in the media wing of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.  He will also be inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in April 2013.

Bernstein’s other recent projects include advertising campaigns featuring some of the world’s top athletes for Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Icy Hot. For more on Bernstein, visit his-
Website: http://www.AndrewDBernsteinPhotography.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ADBSportsPhoto
Twitter: http://twitter.com/AndyDBernstein

We were able to pull Andrew away from his busy schedule for a few moments for a little Q&A!

What is your most memorable moment shooting an NBA game?
There have been many in over 30 years, but if I had to pick one it would be shooting Michael Jordan hugging his first Championship trophy moments after his Bulls defeated the Lakers in the 1991 NBA Finals. He was sitting in a locker sobbing with his father next to him trying to console him while the pandemonium of the locker room was raging. Was a very special and poignant moment that Michael himself requested a print from me after his father was killed shortly after.

Shaq-black (approved)

Shaq for Reebok

The LA Kings won their first ever Stanley Cup this year?  What was that like for you after covering the team for so many years?
Wow! What an awesome experience on many professional and personal levels. The Kings were the first professional team I covered while still attending Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA in 1979. I grew up a rabid NY Rangers fan as a kid and hockey was a special bond between my late father and I for many years.  The Kings are the third team I have been the team photographer for that has won a championship–the Dodgers (1988), Lakers (8 times from 1985-2010) and now the Kings in 2012. It was very special and rewarding to see them raise the Stanley Cup on the Staples Center ice.

Phil Jackson preparing for the 2010 NBA Finals Game 4

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?
Follow and work hard to develop your passion in photography. Whatever that may be–landscapes, people, kids, sports, news, product, fashion, etc. These days, anyone with a high priced DSLR and a couple of lenses considers themselves a “professional photographer”. What separates the true professionals is a relentless pursuit of what turns them on about photography. That leads to a development of a unique and personal style. Those aspects need to work together with a good nature and personality and some business knowledge to be a success in this business.

Yao Ming

Yao Ming

What inspires you as a photographer?
Producing and creating images at the highest level of my capabilities.  I still get excited before every game and photo shoot. I love being able to catch the action of a game or tell the story through my photos or produce a commercial shoot. It never gets tedious or boring.

Some athletes love to eat their Wheaties before a big game…what is your breakfast of choice before the big game?
Breakfast is sometimes an after thought…but my lunch of choice is ALWAYS a club sandwich, especially on the road. That started back in the ’80’s.

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson

What do you love about your Tamrac bags?
Durability and functionality. I have had some of my Tamrac gear for 15-20 years and they are still going strong! Tamrac really understands the needs of the professional photographer. The storage and pockets are the perfect sizes for the cameras and lenses I use. I only use Tamrac camera straps because they have never failed me. My bags and cases have traveled all over the world many times. I depend on my Tamrac gear and it comes through.

What Tamrac gear do you use?
My workhorse piece of Tamrac gear is my carry-on rolling bag. It is versatile and holds everything I need for many of my shoots. Plus it fits easily in the overhead compartment of every airplane so I never have to check it. I also have a couple of Tamrac shoulder bags, camera straps, strobe cases and stands bags.

Andrew Bernstein's Tamrac gear

Photo credits:
Photo of Andrew D. Bernstein: ©Michael Bernstein
Shaq: ©Andrew D. Bernstein
Phil Jackson: ©Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images
Yao Ming: ©Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images
Mark Jackson: ©Andrew D. Bernstein
*The photos cannot be used or reproduced without permission of Andrew D Bernstein.


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Your Backpack Saved My Camera Gear

We work hard to design bags that are easy to use, last a long time, and protect your valuable camera gear without compromise. Our reward for a job well done are the stories from our customers that are putting our bags to the test day in and day out. Here’s a story we received a few days ago. Enjoy!

Dear Tamrac,

I want to thank you for producing a truly excellent camera backpack. I have an Aero Speed 75, and this past weekend the backpack saved my gear from certain disaster.

Into Infinity

Into Infinity, Sean Goebel

A friend and I decided to shoot a long-abandoned whaling pier located in a rarely-visited strip of coastline north of Santa Cruz, California. After shooting some photos looking down on the pier (see above), we rock climbed down the crumbling 150-ft sandstone cliff to the beach. The small beach behind the pier had steep, loose sand and was choked with rotting kelp.

I had warned my friend of the importance of keeping our backpacks on at all times, but like fools we set them down on the beach 20 feet behind (and 5 feet above) us. I watched several waves slam into the first piling of the pier and set up my 5D Mark II on a tripod for some long exposures. Although the waves came quite close, the beach was so steep that the surge stopped quickly.

Almost my Last Photo Ever

Almost My Last Photo Ever, Sean Geobel

I took one photo (see above) and was recomposing when a freakishly huge wave rolled in. It slammed into the pier, spraying sea water far over my head. I grabbed my tripod, with the camera on it, and spun, shielding it with my body. Suddenly waist-deep in water, I watched in horror as the wave surged over my backpack, spinning it around and flipping it. The backpack contained four lenses, a flash, radio triggers, and assorted other accessories, and I took several steps before being knocked over by the wave. I held the camera above the surface of the water until I could struggle to my feet and dive for the backpack. It had been under the water for several seconds at this point. My tripod case, which was strapped to the outside, had been sucked away.

After running to dry sand, I opened up the backpack and took out all the contents. Although some sea water had penetrated the pack, it was not enough to damage the lenses. We removed them and shook the water out of the backpack. We dried off the lenses as best as we could before repacking everything.


Photo by: Simone Anne, www.simoneanne.com

Completely soaked, I began the rock climb back up the cliff face (see above). Although I didn’t get the photos I had in mind, I was lucky that any of my gear had survived. Thank you again for your awesome product. It may claim to be rain resistant, but in my testing it withstood a bit more than that.

Happy shooting,
Sean Goebel

Thanks for sharing your Tamrac story with us, Sean! The photos are awesome and all of us in the office are stoked that your camera gear is safe and sound so you can continue capturing these beautiful images.

Do any of you readers have a Tamrac story of your own? Please feel free to share it in a comment below!