Animal Kingdom Photo Contest



We’re excited to announce the Tamrac Animal Kingdom Photo Contest!

Enter your animal photos here:

We’re pretty lucky to share this world with some amazing creatures. As a tribute to them, we’re launching a photo contest to showcase these furry/slimy/scaly/feathered friends!

We will be awarding prizes to the 10 photos with the most votes, as well as a “Best in Show” image that will be decided by a jury here at Tamrac. All images, regardless of the amount of votes, will be eligible for Best in Show.
The two grand prizes for both the image with the most votes, as well as the Best in Show image, will be a gift pack with a Tamrac Expedition 8x, a Tamrac System Pro 12, a signed copy of LIFE, by Frans Lanting, and a $250 gift certificate to Outdoor Photo Gear!

2-3rd place: Tamrac Expedition 6x
4-5th place: Tamrac Velocity 7z
6-10th place: Tamrac Explorer 41

You can vote on your favorite images once per day. The contest starts right now and ends until 11:59pm December 5, 2014. Be sure to share your images to get the most votes possible!

Enter here:
Official Rules:

4th of July Contest!


Congratulation to Greg from San Diego for winning our 4th of July contest with a guess of 576 sparklers! Greg has won himself a Tamrac Zuma 9 backpack and a Lensbaby Spark! Way to go with your number-of-sparkler guessing skills!

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Action & Adventure Photo Contest

We’re in the semi-finals of our latest Instagram photo contest! Check out these top submissions and be sure to follow us on Instagram @tamracphoto to vote for your favorite. Special thanks to Travis Burke ( for partnering up with us to make this contest happen!

















You & Me Photo Contest Semi Finalists Announced


Photo Credit: @tedcraig

Our panel of judges have selected 16 semi-finalists to move on to the first public voting round of our latest Instagram Contest! We’ve posted the 16 submissions below for your viewing pleasure.

If you’d like to vote or see the rest of the submissions, follow us on Instagram @TamracPhoto for all the detail.

The winners will receive a free Tamrac Rally Messenger bag, and a free wooden iPhone case and pair of sunglasses from!

For more on Tamrac, check out our Facebook page:
For more on tmbr, check out their website:
For more on Ted Craig, check out his website:

Tamrac Fright Photo Contest


Tamrac Fright Photo Contest is our latest photo contest running on Instagram. We’ve gotten some dreadfully delicious submissions and wanted to share a random sampling with our online community! To see all of the submissions, look up #tamracfrightpic in Instagram. The contest is in its last day, so if you’d like to enter, check us out @tamracphoto for details! Special thanks to Ted Craig, one of our new and exciting sponsored photographers, for partnering with us for this contest!  Enjoy!


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