Tamrac Around the Globe

Last week we spent some time in a number of South American countries. We snap photos where ever we go and thought we’d share some of these pixel preserved moments with the world!

Where’s Waldo’s dog? Found it. He’s wearing the colors of Peru’s flag and national soccer team!

Casa De La Literatura Peruana is one of the cultural centers in Lima housing contemporary art exhibits and an extensive library. It hasn’t always been though. It originally opened in 1912 and served as the main train station for Lima.

The center fountain of Plaza De Armas shown here replaced the gallos that were erected at the center of the plaza when it was first constructed in 1535.

Two women of Peru obviously discussing the benefits of Tamrac’s Evolution harness system over less versatile backpack straps.

Even in Buenos Aires people are given the opportunity to contemplate the naval.

Avenida 9 de Julio is the world’s widest street named after Argentina’s independence day in 1816. The avenue’s unusual width is because it spans an entire city block, the distance between two streets in the checkerboard pattern used in Buenos Aires. The distance between adjacent streets is roughly 110 m, greater than the equivalent distance in Manhattan, New York, USA. El Obelisco de Buenos Aires (English: The Obelisk of Buenos Aires) is a national historic monument and icon of Buenos Aires. Located in the Plaza de la República, in the intersection of avenues Corrientes and 9 de Julio, it was built to commemorate the fourth centenary of the first foundation of the city.

Funny Pet Photo Contest Winners!

We’re excited to announce the winners of our Funny Pet Photo contest!

1st Place: “Laughing” by Nicholas C.

2nd Place: “I’m Forever Popping Bubbles” by Jon N.

3rd Place: “Inner-Tubing Zues” by Char H.

Congratulations to our winners and huge thanks to all that participated!

Tamrac’s New Blog

This is it! We finally have a way to tell the world about our news, products, photographers and any other thing we deem blog worthy! The burden is upon us to produce life changing content. All you need to do is read. So read on, my friend.