Ted Craig Tuesday

Hello everyone!
I am here teaming up with Tamrac to give a little insight on the shoots I did for Canon. Over the next eight weeks we will be posting a new image with the story behind the lens and I hope everyone enjoys them.
– Ted Craig

ted craig tuesdays | week 1

Right from the pulmonary stages of this shoot I was very excited to execute it. Canon wanted the message to be “one with nature” with a straight down perspective. At first we were going to use dirt to show a part of nature but I have always loved the look of grass from a birds eye view so I received the go to use my backyard carpet. This image is a seven image composite. I used a large soft box and balanced it out with the ambient light in the shade.

ted craig tuesdays | week 2

Up To My Ears
This was a fun shoot where I had the chance to enjoy the great outdoors of Mammoth Lakes, CA. There was a concern on the way up that there would not be enough snow due to the heatwave at the end of March. The goal of this image was to market that Tamrac bags will follow you through thick and thin. I thought it would be unique to have myself covered up to my ears in snow with the bag beside me. I wanted to convey that I don’t need to worry about my equipment because I know it’s going to be safe and dry. The first day consisted of scouting with snow shoes and warm coffee, unfortunately there wasn’t much snow at first. Thankfully, a light snowfall happened that night and I was able to find the perfect secluded spot the following day. After I got myself situated on set, I waited for the right amount of backlight to illuminate the snowfall. The image itself consists of six separate frames and I would acquire a cold for the next three days.

ted craig tuesdays | week 3

TCT_3 copy
This was on our way to the Sierra Nevada. More accurately, this was shot at a rest stop off the 395. The sky was beautiful and moving fast with the clouds which created holes of light. We waited and shot till a large cloud covered the mountain behind me, creating that natural spotlight. I wanted the image to be striking; from composition, to use of color, so that the viewer felt no confusion about what to look at first. I am not a huge fan of contrast photos but I ended up being really happy with this image. This is a three image composite. I used the natural sun and a reflector.

ted craig tuesdays | week 4

TCT_4 copy
I had a blast with this shoot. This location was where I grew up; I can see this part of the meadow from my old childhood bedroom. Though, within the last year or so, someone planted a baby tree on top of this hill. For that year I have been wanting to take photos up there or around there, or somehow incorporate it from afar. My original thought for the shoot was much farther away with more minimalism. I had to come closer to make it more of a full length shot of the tree, still I think it has that simplistic feel. It was a windy day which is what was needed to come across in the image. I did receive a couple honks during the shoot, due to the fact I looked somewhat looney on the edge of this hill, hanging on to this tree as if she was the love of my life. This image is a five image composite. I used just the natural light.

ted craig tuesdays | week 5

TCT_5 copy
For this shoot I got to create that unhygienic kid mud hole that everyone loved! Belly flop and all I jumped in and covered my self in soil and dirt. The message was I could go anywhere with my equipment even back to my childhood. It really was a blast to get filthy, but finding dirt in my hair a week later wasn’t so sweet. This image is a six image composite. I used a 6′ octobox and natural light.

ted craig tuesdays | week 6

TCT_6 copy
Call this shoot “Strength in hands.” I remember climbing the baseball field’s backstop fence as a kid, but what I didn’t remember was the difficulty in doing it. Canon wanted an urban setting and a “getting that shot not matter what” message across. It was a beautiful day with just a minimal amount of clouds. I really wanted that element in the photo so I ended up doing a couple test shots to get my timing down climbing up that fence. Came to the, regretful, conclusion that my hands couldn’t take that many climbs with the equipment; granted the top of the fence was 15′. I waited for the cloud to come in, climbed up, snapped three frames with my remote, and jumped off calling it a day. Don’t have those ambition childhood hands anymore. This is a two image composite. I used just the natural light.

ted craig tuesdays | week 7

TCT_7 copy
This was another urban shot Canon wanted. It was crazy windy and I bent two umbrellas that day; not fun. Since I wanted the subject to be looking into the sun, I had to have the umbrella facing right into the wind. To fix this problem I had my assistant bear hug the umbrella like the trooper she is. This is a two image composite. I used a 580exii just behind the bag and the natural light.

ted craig tuesdays | week 8

TCT_8 copy
Hope everyone had a great Labor day weekend!
Going into this shoot I had a completely different shot in my head. I really wanted a lot of sand coming in at different directions and freezing right before hitting my camera. But white sand on white sky is pretty unseeable. I moved into the shade to get that flatter light and to have some bokeh in the background, hoping it would bring out the sand a little more. It still wasn’t enough, and I didn’t want to spend hours in post making it visible, so I looked around and found a little stream of water; a run off from a hose. I grabbed the mud, did a test shot, and we had dirt! It took many tries but we got mud + camera together nicely. This is a ten image composite. I used the natural light and a reflector on camera right..

Every Tuesday we’ll roll out a new installment of our eight week series titled Ted Craig Tuesdays. This series highlights 8 images created by Ted Craig for Canon.

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